Allure design system

Architecture and modernization of the backoffice solutions

In order to help them in their effort to migrate more than twenty internal solutions that are written entirely in C to modern Web solutions, Ticketmaster offered me the mandate to train their C developers in Web developers while architecting their technological bases to carry out this migration.

To reduce the immense learning curve that this migration and training represented, as well as to facilitate the maintenance of these multiple Web applications, I developed a dogmatic design system named Allure. The main goal of Allure was to make web development easier for novice developers by creating an abstraction layer of complex concepts entirely within the Allure system. Much like WordPress would do for an inexperienced web designer.

With the help of Allure and training offered to the various developers at Ticketmaster, the migration was possible, although very complex.

Skills applied
  • Languages
  • UI Libraries
  • State Management
    React ContextZustandSWR
  • API
  • Style
  • Web Framework
  • Bundler
  • Cloud
    Microsoft Azure
  • Container
  • Test & Documentation
    JestReact Testing LibraryStorybookCypressCucumberGherkin

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