Decathlon Community

Community sports platform built with React and React native

In order to increase people's attraction to sports and promote their products, Decathlon gave me the mandate to build a new team to develop a new service to help people discover new sports, sports venues, and sports partners in a simple way. Decathlon Community.

With a team of six developers and designers, I worked on the creation of an application built with React, React Native, and Node (vanilla SSR and API) on AWS and Firebase infrastructures using the monorepo strategy to follow the DRY approach for React and React Native.

Besides the technical aspect, I pitched this project to Decathlon to be the future of the Decathlon retail experience by proposing a future partnership with sports venues. The goal of this approach was to reduce the need to open new expensive megastores by using the community platform to help people discover new sports with our products, with the ability to try them on or buy them directly at the sports venues.

Skills applied
  • Languages
  • UI Framework
  • UI Libraries
    ReactReact NativeMUI
  • State Management
  • API
  • Style
  • Web Framework
  • Bundler
  • Cloud
    FirebaseGoogle Cloud Platform
  • Database
  • Container
  • Test & Documentation
    JestReact Testing LibraryStorybookPostman

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