Shopify applications

Shopify applications with NextJS and the Shopify API

To generate various sources of revenue for my development studio, I am also working on the development of various B2B applications focused mainly on customer communications to help small businesses optimize their online sales. All this is in partnership with Shopify.

These different applications allowed me to learn the Shopify developer API as well as to develop an internal tool to develop parallel and stateless Shopify applications based on the NextJS framework.

I also had the chance to learn more and put into practice some knowledge I had about the Web Notifications API as well as managing massive message sending to APIs using Amazon SQS and Lambda functions.

Skills applied
  • Languages
  • UI Library
  • State Management
    React Context
  • API
  • Style
    Tailwind CSSPostCSS
  • Web Framework
  • Cloud
  • Database
  • Test & Documentation
    JestReact Testing LibraryCypress

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