Neaf website

Web agency microsite built with NextJS

In order to have an online presence, I had to develop a website for my development studio. Although it was simple, I didn't want to do things too simply... and I also wanted to have fun!

As a developer, I don't often get to do UI/UX or content. However, this is an extremely important aspect of the products we develop and I really like to focus on it when I have the chance. That's why I developed the entire Neaf website. The content, the UI, the UX, the accessibility as well as (naturally) the code behind it.

I actually had a lot of fun! But I admit that although I like the different aspects of creation, I don't have the same velocity in these fields as in software development.

The final result is interesting. You be the judge!

Skills applied
  • Languages
  • UI Library
  • State Management
    React Context
  • Style
  • Web Framework
  • Cloud

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