A big, wide, super bold title

...that will make you think "OMG! This guy know what he's talking about with his bold fonts. He's clearly an expert!"

let's build great ideas.

Howdy there!  I'm Marc-André, but you can call me Mark. I'm a passionate high-performance full stack Web developer, a tech lead, a best practices advocate, a Web architect, a wannabe (not so good ) designer, a full-time swiss-army knife... and a JUST A BIT sarcastic guy.

I enjoy working with cross-disciplinary teams to create and deliver innovative solutions. I believe the best products are the result of a great collaboration between creation and development members as both are equally important. 

Looking for a techno-logical partner?

By working with world-leading production teams, I've unite my experiences in development to help my partners to avoid common mistakes, save time and achieve goals. 

I'm focused on diving into your problems and goals to find the most optimal way of execution. My philosophy is based on the "Why? " question which prevents you from getting a monkey job and unnecessary spendings.

I can support you at all stages and levels of your project, from planning to operation and development to direction.

Web architect

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and still glad to help.

Tech lead

Lift your teams to the next level. None of us is as smart as all of us.

Creative technologist

Let's convert those wishful thinking into a wonderful tour de force.


I'm always happy to share my knowledge to help achieve your goals.


Creating outstanding Web application is my bread and butter.

Best practices advocate

Automatization, optimization, standardization and a bunch of other'zations.

Probably, I can do everything, but I'm focused only on what I do best. 

I know .Net, PHP, a poquito of Java and Ruby (Yeah... I'm that good. Impressed? I know. ). These are good languages but I prefer to focus on what I love and give me the possibility to deliver an efficient, easy to maintain and widely adopted solutions in no time. 

Front-end development
with React

Back-end development
with NodeJS

Universal and
single page application

Let's make
things happen.

If you want to know more about me, you can stalk me, like a creep , on Github or LinkedIn, check a studio I've founded, read some guides I've write or you can simply contact me by email.