Hey, I'm Mark.

I'm a software engineer living in Montreal, Canada. I help companies improve their technology operations by helping them build and support their technical teams, implementing tools and practices that optimize their work methods, and developing and architecting their key solutions.

My keen interest in solving life's problems, improving organization and optimization, and my passion for making people's lives easier led me to web development in 2009. Since then, I've had the chance to work on several projects, tools, approaches, and solutions aimed at making the lives of customers, developers, teams, and my clients more enjoyable.

In 2020, I founded Neaf to build things I care about with people who share my values. I love working with cross-disciplinary teams and passionate people to create innovative solutions and products that I believe in.

I'm also a bit of a design nerd and love beautiful web design, photography, and just generally being around creative people. In my spare time (which isn't very often), I like to work on personal projects that allow me to explore new technologies and techniques.

Mark Arseneault
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Mark Arseneault
Software engineer

I worked with them

I have been honored to work with some of the most talented teams out there


Sep 2021 - Present
CBC - Radio-Canada
Technological migration from .NET/REST to NodeJS/GraphQL
Feb 2021 - Present
Shopify applications
Shopify applications with NextJS and the Shopify API
Aug 2020 - Mar 2021
Allure design system
Architecture and modernization of the backoffice solutions
Dec 2019 - Dec 2019
Neaf website
Web agency microsite built with NextJS
Apr 2019 - Dec 2019
NumériQ, Quebecor
In-house SSO built on top of Amazon Cognito

What they said.

Whether at Nurun or Optima, Mark has been an important asset in the realization of our projects.

Instead of being a simple executor, Mark takes full responsibility for the objectives given to him. He has a wide range of talents and an impressive capacity to learn in order to achieve his goals

His ability to solve complex problems with simple and elegant solutions makes him an asset to any development team.

Picture of Mathieu Sylvain, Development and IT Director at Scolab
Mathieu Sylvain.
Development and IT Director at Scolab

Mark is without a doubt an asset in a multidisciplinary team.

He will not hesitate to go deeper, to push innovation further and to find solutions. He will add a touch of humor when needed to lighten the atmosphere.

Picture of Patricia Nadeau, Ergonomist at Ubisoft
Patricia Nadeau.
Ergonomist at Ubisoft

Mark is a very versatile developer who always delivers a high quality product. He knows how to find optimal technological solutions to meet specific requirements.

Moreover, he is a pleasant person to work with and has a great talent for passing on his knowledge to his colleagues.He is without a doubt an asset in a development team.

Picture of Patrick Freedom Mayer, Senior front-end developer at Sid Lee
Patrick Freedom Mayer.
Senior front-end developer at Sid Lee

Mark is without a doubt a major asset for the development of a project because of his talent, his professionalism, his contagious good mood and especially his concern to do things right.

It was a great pleasure to work with him, I recommend him without any hesitation.

Picture of Jani Bouchard, Project Manager at CBC Radio‑Canada
Jani Bouchard.
Project Manager at CBC Radio‑Canada

Having had the opportunity to work with Mark in the context of a project with unfavorable conditions, I can testify to his great multidisciplinary expertise as well as his rigor and professionalism. His qualities as a software engineer made it possible to meet the challenges we had to face: the delivery of an e-commerce site based on a platform of which we had only a theoretical knowledge, and this, within the framework of a budget and an extremely tight deadline. The project was cost effective and the result was more than satisfactory, worthy of being included in our portfolios.

In addition to his ability to carry out a project on the Front-End, Mark's very complete profile and great intelligence allow him to understand all facets of the project, including the creative aspect. His ingenuity and knowledge allow him to complete the project in the most efficient way. Mark's involvement in a project is a guarantee of success.

His social skills and his pedagogical side allow me to see in him a young and inspiring manager full of future that I would warmly recommend in such a role.

Picture of Yann Lodewijck, Director, Experience Design at Nurun
Yann Lodewijck.
Director, Experience Design at Nurun

Mark has a solid knowledge of the different aspects of the web.

Very aware of the latest technological innovations in the field of front-end development, his skills in Node-JS are a great asset.

Picture of Romain Prache, Technical Director at lg2
Romain Prache.
Technical Director at lg2

Mark is sensitive to design as well as to technological issues. A rare quality in a web developer.

He is also a meticulous person who can be counted on.

Picture of Marie-Claude Ducharme, Artistic director at Nurun
Marie-Claude Ducharme.
Artistic director at Nurun

Mark is in a class of his own as a developer who knows the web inside and out, knows how to create innovative experiences and, most importantly, knows how to transfer his knowledge to those around him with patience and professionalism.

Picture of David Lamarre, Front-end web development consultant
David Lamarre.
Front-end web development consultant

Under the supervision of the technical director, Mark was responsible for assisting in various stages of web production. The main tasks related to his position were integration, programming and other related tasks.

His speed and quality of execution were a testament to his professionalism on several occasions.

Picture of Véronique Desrosiers, President, General Manager and Partner at Featuring
Véronique Desrosiers.
President, General Manager and Partner at Featuring

It is as a project manager at Kindo Communication that I had the opportunity to work with Mark and it is without hesitation that I recommend him.

In addition to his technical skills, Mark has a sense of design that cannot be taught and that enhances the overall quality of any project.

It would definitely be a pleasure to work with him again.

Picture of Stéphane Thibault, Scrum master consultant and agile coach
Stéphane Thibault.
Scrum master consultant and agile coach

Mark is an excellent developer with an artistic eye. He is a strong advocate of quality and web accessibility. Curious and motivated, he never hesitates to participate in meetups to stay "On the Edge".

With him on your team, your Mondays will be full of energy!

Picture of Mathieu Chartier, Technology Advisor and Business Analyst
Mathieu Chartier.
Technology Advisor and Business Analyst